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Buy Sunglasses From China

China is famous for having many production plants, including sunglasses companies. Thus, wholesalers prefer to buy sunglasses from Chinese factories. Besides, they get so much convenience throughout the buying process.

buy sunglasses from china

There are so many vital factors that influence your choice of sunglasses company. Thus, it will be wise to create a list of your requirements first. Compile everything that you need in a product. It can range from the price to the features and quantity.

Here you can find high-fashion or popular sunglasses brands like Bolon. Besides, so many companies produce trending sunglasses in China. The rest of the world buys from here, and the reviews are fantastic.

The company loves to follow the latest trends in the world. Thus, that makes its sunglasses collection top-of-the-list. You will find their sunglasses in hand-polished materials. Thus, it gives them a distinct look and elegance.

You can consider buying sunglasses right from the Chinese marketplaces. These top marketplaces allow you to cross-check the quality before buying. In short, you can deal with the seller in person for guarantees.

The Global Sources is in Hong Kong and is another B2B platform. It serves buyers of sunglasses and other goods both offline and online. Besides, there is a wide variety of sunglasses available on this platform.

Eugenia Eyewear started in 2003 and is among the top suppliers of sunglasses in China and beyond. Do you want sunglasses frames in plastic, metal, or a blend of both? Then, this supplier gives so many to choose from their catalog.

Wenzhou Guande Glasses is a famous company for sunglasses. It falls among the leading designers and producers of optical frames. Besides, they also export quality sunglasses to other companies and wholesalers based anywhere in the world.

The purpose of most sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UV rays. The regular lens transmission range is between 5 and 45%. Besides, some go as high as UV380. These can reject UV radiations straight away.

Every supplier has a different MOQ for each style of sunglasses. But, there is an estimate that applies all across the eyewear sector. Even so, it is always good to confirm MOQ with your supplier. For customized designs, the MOQ may be high.

There are many options for buying sunglasses online. Hence, verification is necessary. Above all, if you can reach the factory, the better. So, you can have a one-on-one arrangement with the supplier.

Sunglasses were actually invented in China over 2,000 years ago when Inuit Eskimos created make-shift ski goggles from leather, wood, and animal bones in order to shield their eyes from the sun's glare. So, it only makes sense to import sunglasses from the country of origin.

China source sunglasses are very popular, but you will want to know a few things ski googles from ut the process before jumping in or you could end up with poor quality sunglasses or even worse, no sunglasses at all.

Third-party sites typically host a vast portfolio of wholesale suppliers in categories like sunglasses manufacturers and distributors. The wholesalers must meet stringent requirements in order to retain their status for being trustworthy sunglasses suppliers.

Polarized sunglasses lenses are appreciated for their UV protection. Until they came on the scene most sunglasses were simply tinted to reduce glare from the sunlight but did nothing to actually offer any protective solution to harmful sun rays.

Plastic frame sunglasses are popular because they are inexpensive, and they hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Plastic sunglasses frames are lightweight and comfortable too. Many brands are available in plastic frame styles.

Metal sunglasses are lightweight which is an attractive feature and are associated with high-quality sunglasses. They look nice and feel nice too, making them perfect for those who find plastic glasses to be bulky or heavy.

The type of metal is important to take into consideration when purchasing high-quality eyewear. It can be cheaply made, or it can be very strong. The quality of construction is also a factor so you will need to connect with the right sunglasses supplier to ensure successful sales.

Wayfarer shades have an easily recognizable appearance. They feature a rim on the top that rests on the top of the nose that sits above frames with round lensed frames and extends out past the eyes to a wing-like corner. The style lays flat across the front of it rather than curving with the face's contours as some other styles do. They can be polarized sunglasses as a subcategory just as they can be metal frame sunglasses.

Cycling sunglasses are much like other sports eyewear in that they protect the individual's eyes from glare and from damaging rays. They are lightweight and usually have polarized lenses. The main feature that sets them apart is they have a band that goes around the head, like goggles so they don't fall off during the time the person wearing them is engaged inactivity.

Retro frames are fashion statements. They can be wire frames or plastic. Retro styled shades bring the nostalgia of the past into the present and although the trends change, it is a given that at least one style from yesterday will always be in high demand.

There are shapes of faces that oval sunglasses compliment and customers gravitate to this shape of optical frames just because they like the way they look. Sunglasses suppliers tend to carry oval shapes in UV versions and offer them in different colors too.

Heart sunglasses are fun designs that are most popular for women and children. They are typically made of plastic but can be metal-based as well. They are sometimes jazzed up with decorative sequins or inlays.

It will behoove you to check all the laws and regulations concerning importation from China. The eyewear industry has few legalities, unlike some other industries such as pharmaceutics. Still, know the rules that do exist.

Sunglasses suppliers, especially those overseas, typically want to please their customers so it is up to you as the buyer to let the sunglasses suppliers know what you require of them in order to earn your business.

With all that you have learned considered, you are now equipped to purchase sunglasses from sources in China. Remember what your goal is - to buy from a trustworthy source so you can make a hefty profit.

Buying wholesale sunglasses in China is safe. There are a lot of producers that offer quality sunglasses. You have to filter those that can deliver excellent results. Eyewear producers should provide credentials and reports. It serves as proof of being reliable.

Certifications and proof of testing are one way to confirm reliable suppliers. You can request compliance documents before working. It includes test reports from the FDA for the US market and CE for the European market.

Lenses have standard transmittance. It ranges from 5 to 45 percent. A pair of sunglasses that have UV 380 can block harmful rays or radiation. The ideal standard is UV400 to provide 100 percent protection.

China has one of the fastest-growing sales in this industry. In research shared by, the total sunglasses sales reached 138.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The forecasted amount would reach a value of 258.63 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Increasing demand led to a lot of wholesalers from China. But how safe is it to buy wholesale sunglasses from this country? Why is it the best choice for wholesale sunglasses? Let us check out some reasons.

China, being the top producer of sunglasses, holds various fairs and trades. For example, the Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF). This optical exhibition showcases different brands and kinds of sunglasses.

Wholesale sunglasses producers should provide quality at all times. There is no exemption for this rule, especially if you are building a brand. Information is crucial in achieving a flawless transaction.

-- We offer not only big discount, but also diversity! Not like other wholesale sunglasses shops, where you need to buy multiple pairs of the same style to get the discount. Here as far as there are 3 pairs in your cart, no matter if they are the same style, our discount applies!

-- The Newest Styles: We have more lately designed sunglasses than your local stores. We can let you carry the latest fashion! We don't have all others do, we just want you be the fashion leader.

In addition to standard CBP requirements, importers also need to comply with FDA regulations when importing sunglasses and glasses into the U.S. These regulations include filing prior notice, registering with the FDA, and testing the impact resistance of the lenses. Because of these challenges, importers should consider working with a Licensed Customs Broker when importing sunglasses and glasses into the U.S.

The FDA has jurisdiction over non-prescription sunglasses, and this means they are categorized as a Class 1 medical device. So, the big question is, do sunglasses require FDA approval? Well, you will be happy to hear that, in the case of non-prescription sunglasses, much like reading glasses, there is no need for FDA approval. However, you must register your company with the FDA.

Each time you choose to ship sunglasses and glasses into the U.S. you will need to make sure you get certification that shows your glasses adhere to FDA impact resistance regulations on lenses. The drop ball test is part of these regulations, and the certification needs to state that the glasses were tested for, and passed, impact resistance. Every shipment will need to have a drop ball test accompanying it, otherwise the FDA can detain the shipment.

We all know how important branding is in the business world, and, believe it or not, it is hugely important when it comes to importing your glasses and sunglasses. You have to make sure you have the right branding on your glasses, and that it matches with what it is supposed to be. Using already trademarked branding, or misbranding the products can lead to problems with the release of the product, as well as potential fines that you may have to pay. U.S. customs has the right to detain or even destroy merchandise imported into the country that contains copyright infringement, as registered with the USPTO. 041b061a72


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