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Train Simulator: BR 9F Loco Add-On Download |LINK| Direct

With the release of the fantastic West Highland Line Extension route for Train Simulator, thoughts turned to running the Jacobite steam service on the line. We have had the privilege of experiencing this train on two occasions, and it is without a shadow of doubt, the greatest railway journey we have ever experienced! This new addon contains 4 locomotives, 2 sets of carriages and lots of custom sounds and it's all FREE!!! Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter. The Subscribe button is at the top of the left-hand panel on this page.

Train Simulator: BR 9F Loco Add-On Download Direct

Rich Blake (Slugsmasher)'s new NG Shay logginggeared loco is available for download from the Steam Locos page.While not yet optimised for TRS2004 it does function nicely in that version of TRAINZ

The important thing to understand is that you are limited only by your imagination. The enormous selection of content included in TMR 2017 (over 5,500 items in total) delivers realistic locos, rolling stock, track and scenery. The interactive sessions provide tasks for you to complete by driving in "simple" or "realistic" mode. You can operate the junctions, interact with AI drivers and even create your own interactive world then just sit back and watch the trains go by.

Wagner had wanted locomotives which were long-lasting and easy to maintain, and unlike British engineers did not consider a high power-to-weight ratio a priority. The resulting Kriegslokomotive had a low axleload of 15 tonnes (14.8 long tons; 16.5 short tons) and could haul 40 percent more freight than the old Prussian locomotives they replaced. The Class 52 could haul 1,200 tonnes (1,180 long tons; 1,320 short tons) at 65 km/h (40 mph) without significant strain. On a 3% grade they could haul 800 tons at 5 km/h.


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