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Background Video Recorder Pro V1.3.0.2 APK

Fixes:- Speed optimizations for fast short strokes- Visual improvement - smoother strokes with size and rotation variations- Brush Creator panel -> Tip Tilt curve editor -> "Use Precise Tip Tilt" - to get smoother strokes when using pen tilt- Better NanoPixel image export for 2x2 scale- Fixed crash when the application starts and gains focus too soon- "Save as .psd" generates a valid thumbnail when NanoPixel is used. (Still doesn't work for transparent artworks.)- Fixed glitches when using multitouch for canvas rotation and panning- Switching between desktop and tablet mode is fixedChanges:- New manual with the latest changes: Rebelle 6.0.8- Mixing Palette - Paint, Blend tool is not mixed with background color- Mixing Palette - brushes have hard edges to prevent mixing with the background- Mixing Palette - changing the Paint tool "Opacity" makes glazing strokes- Mixing Palette panel menu -> "Background Color" to change the background color- Timelapse video recording can be started directly from "New Artwork"- When opening previous artwork with timelapse recording, the application will ask to continue- Record Time-lapse panel has two buttons - "Start / Stop Recording" and "Record Settings"- Color Set panel menu -> "Create Color Set from Text File" can use "TAB" instead of "space"- Layer color adjustments when the canvas is hidden: Preferences -> Color -> Hidden Canvas Color Settings

Background Video Recorder Pro v1.3.0.2 APK




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