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Wysiwyg Cast Software: The Ultimate Lighting Design Tool

Wysiwyg Cast Software: The Ultimate Lighting Design Tool

If you are looking for a professional and powerful software for lighting design, you should check out wysiwyg cast software. Wysiwyg cast software is an all-in-one tool that allows you to create stunning lighting designs for live performances, events, and installations. You can use wysiwyg cast software to draw 3D CAD models, generate plots and reports, visualize your design in real-time, and connect to consoles and DMX devices. Wysiwyg cast software is tailored for multi-level users and has the largest CAD library with thousands of 3D objects that you can choose from. Whether you are a student, a freelancer, or a company, wysiwyg cast software can help you achieve your creative vision.

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What are the benefits of using wysiwyg cast software?

Wysiwyg cast software has many features and benefits that make it stand out from other lighting design software. Here are some of them:

  • Wysiwyg cast software is compatible with various file formats and protocols, such as CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF, SKP, FBX, DAE, OBJ, 3D Max, glTF, JPG, PNG, BMP, MVR, DMX, ArtNet, sACN, EDMX, ShowNet, SandNet, Grand MA's Vizkey Integration, CITP, NDI, RTTrPM, PosiStageNet, Pangolin Laser Systems, Sollinger's, MadMapper.

  • Wysiwyg cast software has a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that make it easy to create and edit your design. You can also customize your workspace and preferences according to your needs.

  • Wysiwyg cast software has a powerful rendering engine that produces realistic and high-quality images and videos of your design. You can also use virtual reality integration to immerse yourself in your design and experience it from different perspectives.

  • Wysiwyg cast software has a bi-directional design feature that allows you to make changes from CAD or from data. You can also import, merge and export MVR files to collaborate with other designers and applications.

  • Wysiwyg cast software has a direct connection to consoles and DMX devices that enables you to previsualize and program your design in real-time. You can also use AutoFocus and AutoPatch features with selected consoles to simplify your workflow.

How can you get wysiwyg cast software?

Wysiwyg cast software is available for purchase or lease from the official website[^1^]. You can choose from different product levels that fit your needs and requirements: Report (for paperwork only), Design (for offline visualization only), Perform Lite (for console connectivity with 10 universes), or Perform (for console connectivity with 256 universes). You can also compare the features and prices of each product level on the website[^1^].

If you are a student who wants to learn lighting design with wysiwyg cast software, you can apply for a FREE wysiwyg Design Student Edition or upgrade it to one of the paid options[^3^]. You will need to provide proof of enrollment and agree to the terms and conditions of the educational program[^3^].


Wysiwyg cast software is a comprehensive and versatile software for lighting design that can help you create amazing lighting effects for any project. Whether you want to design for theatre, concert, TV, film, corporate event, exhibition, or installation, wysiwyg cast software can handle it all. Wysiwyg cast software is trusted by many professionals and students around the world who use it to express their creativity and innovation. If you want to join them and take your lighting design skills to the next level, visit the official website[^1^] today and get your copy of wysiwyg cast software. e0e6b7cb5c


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