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Sims 4 Bigger Breasts Mod

We have always been after realism in our Sims 4 sliders and beds. This mod adds more realism in the female Sims by offering more options. You can expand the breasts in all directions to achieve better realism. You can also give the nipples special properties and make them jiggle or bounce. This mod is created by Hiisland, and it can be downloaded from the links below the description.

sims 4 bigger breasts mod

This is a combination package with Sims4BigBreastsCollection-Female-FP-KinDrew. However, you dont need it if you have ever started with the sliders mentioned above. You only need the combination file, and you only need the sliders created by KinDrew (like the breasts and the clams). You can also delete the BreastsCollection-Female-FP-KinDrew if you dont want to use it.

The Sims 4 female clams slider is a combination package. This package includes all the 4 sliders mentioned above. To be able to use the clams slider with your Sims 4 game version, you will need this package. You will also need the simbody and precisionSim4 mods, which are listed on the page.

If you dont have the precisionSim4 mod, then you will probably have to lower the settings of the sliders in the combination package. In this case, you can download the precisionSim4 mod from the link at the top of the page. This mod combines all the sliders mentioned above with precisionSim4. You can also download the combination package Sims4BigBreastsCollection-Female-PrecisionSim4 from the link at the top of the page.


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