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How To Buy Ram For Macbook Pro

Yes, this all very interesting, but i fitted 2 8gb ram sticks and a 240 gb ssd to my late 2012 macbookpro and took it to the local pc store and asked them if they good do a similar boot up time of 13 seconds to my daughters 2018 brand new macbook(dongled)pro which was nowhere near this time. guy in shop laughed sheepishly and said that linux is not compatible with apple products !!!! go figure

how to buy ram for macbook pro

That's correct. I have a 2015 macbook pro and it's slow as hell now. Apple's updates slow down the system because every update is higher and higher in GB space, and every Creative Cloud software update ends up using more space and pulling more ram. I believe Apple slows down old systems with their software updates, just like they did with the iPhone. Unless you're doing heavy film editing and using several Adobe apps at once with many files open you are fine with 16 gigs of ram. If you go up in ram, you'll want to go up in graphics card too. Everything has to mach each other to process things efficiently and for you to get the most use out of each component.

I recently jumped on the 16in Pro with the M1 pro, and 16bg of memory and have had the chance to put it through extensive editing over the past month, all 50mp GFX raw files. I run the latest PS configuration and it works very good, but...big but, even with the new hardware the ram is getting maxed out and sharing memory after running photoshop for about 1 hour or so, and my workflow slows down with it. As it is only 400$ more, I think I will be returning and getting the 32gb as others have suggested. Although it hasn't given me much trouble now, it worries me to spend this kind of money only to have a clogged down macbook 3 years down the line. 041b061a72


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