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Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel: A Fan-Made Parody of FNAF with Anime Girls

Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel: A Fan-Made Parody of FNAF with Anime Girls

If you are a fan of Five Nights at Freddy's and anime, you might be interested in Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel, a fan-made project that combines the horror and comedy elements of the original game with cute and attractive anime girls. In this visual novel, you play as a new night guard who has to survive five nights at a pizzeria filled with animatronic anime girls who have feelings for you. You can interact with them, make choices, and explore different routes and endings.

Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel

Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel is based on Five Nights in Anime, a series of fan games by Mairusu that parody FNAF with rule 34 images. The visual novel is created by different developers using various platforms such as CloudNovel, Ren'Py, and Some of the versions are still in development, while others are already completed and available for download. You can find them by searching for the keyword "Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel" on the web.

Some of the features of Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel are:

  • A cast of colorful and sexy characters, such as Freddy-Chan, Bonnie-Chan, Chica-Chan, Foxy-Chan, Mangle-Chan, BB-Chan, Puppet-San, Golden-Chan, Spring-Chan, Glitch-Chan, Fred-Chan, Purple Girl, and more.

  • A mix of horror and humor, with jump scares, funny dialogues, and suggestive scenes.

  • A branching story with multiple endings depending on your choices and actions.

  • A visual scene map for organizing scenes and connecting your story.

  • A flag or point system for keeping track of simple statistics like love points, flagged triggers, etc.

  • A possibility to add collaborators to your visual novel project so multiple people can work on it at once.

  • A possibility to create screens such as CG gallery or extra screens.

  • A cloud storage for directly uploading files from your computer into your project.

If you want to experience a different and fun twist on FNAF with anime girls, you should give Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel a try. But be warned: this game is not suitable for children or people who are easily offended by sexual content. This game is only for age 16 and up. No money is being made from this game. All credit goes to the original creators of FNAF and Five Nights in Anime.

Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel has received positive feedback from many players who enjoyed the game's humor, characters, and story. Some of the comments from YouTube and are:

"This game is hilarious and awesome! I love the interactions between the characters and the choices you can make. The art is also very well done and cute. I can't wait to see more of this game!"

- EntoanThePack, YouTube

"I really like this visual novel. It has a good balance of comedy and horror, and the characters are very likable and funny. The story is also very interesting and engaging. I hope you continue to update this game and add more routes and endings."

- Yuuto Katsuki,

"This is one of the best fan-made games I have ever played. It is very well written and has a lot of personality. The characters are adorable and sexy, and the story is captivating. I love how you can choose different options and see different outcomes. This game is a masterpiece."

- Blackfox_1473,

If you are curious about Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel, you can download it for free from various platforms such as CloudNovel, Ren'Py, and You can also follow the developers on their websites, YouTube channels, Gamejolt pages, or Discord servers to get updates on their progress and support their work. Five Nights At Anime Visual Novel is a game that will make you laugh, scream, and fall in love with anime girls. e0e6b7cb5c


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