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She Sees Red €? Interactive Thriller 0.0.25 Apk Data Android Free Download

She Is Angry - interactive thriller - detective questfor android devices. An amazing story that you direct with your decisions An absolutely incredible, addictive and unpredictable plot that will surprise you with unexpected twists, events and discoveries. An unknown criminal committed a murder in a nightclub under mysterious and incomprehensible circumstances. The case is taken by a detective girl who is very attentive to details and skillfully builds logical chains. Get ready for the most unimaginable plot twists and discoveries. High-quality cinematic graphics Make decisions, from each of The development of events and, of course, the finale of the story depend on them. You can always go back to the first chapter and replay it in a completely different way. You will be seriously surprised by high-quality cinematic graphics, professional actors and excellent editing, amazing voice acting, incredible atmosphere and well-chosen lighting. Take part in the most spectacular and exciting investigation.

She Sees Red – Interactive Thriller 0.0.25 Apk Data android Free Download


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