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Boet en Saartjie: A Review of the Popular Afrikaans Children's Book Series

Boet en Saartjie: A Review of the Popular Afrikaans Children's Book Series

Boet en Saartjie is a song by Biggy, a South African rapper, that pays tribute to the beloved characters of Saartjie Baumann and her brother Boet from the Saartjie series by Bettie NaudÃ[^2^]. The series, which consists of 32 books, follows the adventures of Saartjie, a spunky girl with long legs, a snub nose, dimples in her cheeks and thousands of devils in her eyes[^3^]. She and her two friends are known as the Three Musketeers and their lives are made difficult by boys and a little nuisance named Muggie[^3^]. The books are written in Afrikaans and are popular among children and adults alike.

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The song Boet en Saartjie celebrates the bond between Saartjie and her brother Boet, who is always there to support and protect her. The lyrics describe some of the scenes from the books, such as when Saartjie gets into trouble for cutting her hair, when she runs away from home, when she falls in love with a boy named Japie, and when she gets kidnapped by a circus. The song also expresses the nostalgia and love that many readers feel for the characters and the stories that shaped their childhoods.

If you are looking for a way to download the Boet en Saartjie ebook series, you may be disappointed to find out that there is no official digital version available. However, you can still enjoy the books by purchasing them online or borrowing them from a library. You can also listen to the song Boet en Saartjie by Biggy on YouTube[^2^] or other streaming platforms. Whether you are a fan of the books or not, you will surely appreciate the catchy tune and the heartfelt tribute to one of the most iconic duos in Afrikaans literature.The Saartjie series was first published in 1972 and has since sold over a million copies. The author, Bettie NaudÃ, was a teacher and a journalist who wrote the books based on her own experiences and observations of children. She wanted to create realistic and relatable characters that would appeal to young readers. She also wanted to promote the Afrikaans language and culture, which was often marginalized and oppressed under the apartheid regime. She succeeded in creating a series that is not only entertaining and humorous, but also educational and inspiring.

The song Boet en Saartjie by Biggy is not the only tribute to the Saartjie series. There have been several adaptations of the books, such as a radio drama, a television series, a musical, and a film. The books have also been translated into several languages, including English, Dutch, German, French, and Zulu. The popularity and influence of the Saartjie series is undeniable and it continues to attract new generations of readers who can relate to the adventures and challenges of Saartjie and her friends.One of the reasons why the Saartjie series is so beloved is because of the characters. Saartjie is a strong and independent girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. She is also kind and loyal to her friends and family. She has a vivid imagination and a sense of humor that often gets her into trouble. Boet is her older brother who is always looking out for her and helping her out of sticky situations. He is also smart and brave and shares Saartjie's love for adventure. The other characters, such as Anna, Lina, Japie, Muggie, Tannie Pop, Oom Fanie, and many more, are also memorable and endearing.

In an interview with Die Burger, Bettie Naudà said that she wrote the Saartjie books because she wanted to make children happy. She said: "Ek het altyd geweet dat ek vir kinders wil skryf. Ek het self baie gehou van lees toe ek klein was en ek wou graag vir ander kinders dieselfde plesier gee." (I always knew that I wanted to write for children. I loved reading when I was small and I wanted to give other children the same pleasure.)

Many fans of the Saartjie series have expressed their gratitude and admiration for Bettie Naudà and her books. On Goodreads, one reviewer wrote: "Saartjie was my hero when I was a little girl. I wanted to be just like her - fearless, funny, adventurous and always ready for a challenge. She taught me so much about life, friendship, family and being yourself. I still love these books and I hope they will never go out of print." 0efd9a6b88


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