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How to Play Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) v (1.4) with Crack (Razor1911)

How to Play Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) v (1.4) with Crack (Razor1911)

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) is one of the most popular and acclaimed games in the GTA series. However, some players may encounter issues with running the game on newer versions of Windows or with the latest updates. In this article, we will show you how to downgrade your GTA IV to version (1.4), which is considered the best version for modding and performance, and how to apply the crack by Razor1911 to bypass the activation and play the game offline.

Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA IV ) v (1.4 ) Crack (Razor1911

Step 1: Download the patch and the crack

The first thing you need to do is to download the patch and the crack by Razor1911 from the links below:

  • Patch

  • Crack by Razor1911

Make sure you have a backup of your GTA IV folder before proceeding.

Step 2: Install the patch

Run the GTAIV_MAINTENANCE_UPDATE_1040_EFIGS.exe file and follow the instructions to install the patch to your GTA IV folder. This will overwrite some files and downgrade your game to version

Step 3: Apply the crack

Extract the contents of the Crack by file and copy them to your GTA IV folder, replacing the existing files. This will remove the activation requirement and allow you to play the game offline.

Step 4: Enjoy the game

You can now launch GTA IV from the GTAIV.exe file or from a shortcut on your desktop. You should see the version on the bottom right corner of the main menu screen. You can also install mods and tweaks to enhance your gaming experience.

We hope this guide was helpful and you can enjoy playing GTA IV on your PC.

Step 5: Troubleshoot common issues

Some players may encounter some problems with running GTA IV on patch, such as crashes, errors, or poor performance. Here are some possible solutions to fix them:

  • If you get a SecuROM error or a message saying "Release Date Check Failed", you need to install the xliveless mod, which will disable the Games for Windows Live (GFWL) service and prevent the game from checking the release date. You can download the mod from here and copy the xlive.dll file to your GTA IV folder.

  • If you get a black screen or a crash on startup, you may need to run the game in compatibility mode for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Service Pack 3. To do this, right-click on the GTAIV.exe file, go to Properties, Compatibility tab, and check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for". Then select the desired option from the drop-down menu and click OK.

  • If you experience low FPS or stuttering, you may need to adjust the graphics settings or use a commandline.txt file to tweak some parameters. You can find a detailed guide on how to optimize GTA IV for performance here.

Step 6: Have fun

That's it! You have successfully downgraded your GTA IV to patch and applied the crack by Razor1911. You can now enjoy playing one of the best games ever made with mods and without any activation issues. Have fun! e0e6b7cb5c


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