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VA - My Kind of Woman (2009): A Tribute to Mac DeMarco's Classic Song

VA - My Kind of Woman (2009): A Tribute to Mac DeMarco's Classic Song

VA - My Kind of Woman (2009) is a compilation album featuring various artists covering Mac DeMarco's song "My Kind of Woman" from his second studio album 2. The song, released in 2012, is a lo-fi indie rock ballad that expresses Mac's love and admiration for his girlfriend Kiera McNally, or Kiki. The song has become one of Mac's most popular and beloved tracks, with over 388 million views on Genius Lyrics[^2^] and numerous covers by other musicians.

VA - My Kind Of Woman (2009)

In this album, you will hear different interpretations and renditions of "My Kind of Woman" by artists such as Poppy, Patricia Lalor, Fond Memory Vacation, Acoustic Vapes, Josh. (UK), and more. Each cover brings a unique perspective and style to the original song, while still capturing its essence and emotion. Whether you prefer acoustic, indie rock, pop, or psychedelic versions, you will find something to enjoy in this album.

If you are a fan of Mac DeMarco or indie music in general, you will love VA - My Kind of Woman (2009). It is a tribute to one of the most iconic songs of the 2010s and a showcase of the talent and diversity of the indie music scene. You can stream the album on SoundCloud[^3^] or download it from[^4^]. Don't miss this opportunity to hear "My Kind of Woman" like never before!

VA - My Kind of Woman (2009) is not only a tribute to Mac DeMarco's song, but also a tribute to the women who inspire and support the artists. In the album, you will hear the singers dedicating their covers to their own kind of women, whether they are girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters, friends, or fans. The album is a celebration of the bond and connection that music can create between people, especially between lovers.

Mac DeMarco himself has praised the album and expressed his gratitude to the artists who participated. He said that he was honored and flattered by the covers and that he enjoyed listening to them. He also said that he was happy to see that his song had resonated with so many people and that it had inspired them to create their own versions. He thanked the artists for their creativity and talent and wished them all the best in their careers.

VA - My Kind of Woman (2009) is a must-have for any Mac DeMarco fan or indie music lover. It is a rare and precious gem that showcases the beauty and diversity of indie music and the power and emotion of Mac DeMarco's songwriting. It is an album that will make you smile, cry, sing along, and fall in love all over again. Don't miss this chance to experience "My Kind of Woman" in a whole new way!

If you are wondering how to get your hands on VA - My Kind of Woman (2009), you have several options. You can stream the album on SoundCloud for free, or you can download it from for a small fee. You can also buy the physical CD from the official website of the album, where you can also find more information about the artists and the project. The CD comes with a booklet that contains the lyrics and the dedications of each cover, as well as some photos and artwork.

VA - My Kind of Woman (2009) is a limited edition album that will only be available for a short time. If you want to own this unique and special collection of covers, you should act fast and order your copy before it runs out. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear some of the best indie artists pay homage to one of the greatest indie songs of all time. Don't let this chance pass you by! e0e6b7cb5c


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