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Terjemahan Fathul Majid Pdf: Sebuah Buku Tentang Tauhid Dan Aqidah VERIFIED

Tauhid and aqidah are the foundations of Islam. They are the beliefs that every Muslim must have in order to be a true follower of Allah and His messenger (SAW). However, many Muslims today are unaware or confused about the correct tauhid and aqidah, and they fall into various forms of shirk (associating partners with Allah) or bid'ah (innovations in religion) that contradict the pure teachings of Islam.

Terjemahan Fathul Majid pdf: Sebuah Buku Tentang Tauhid dan Aqidah

One of the best ways to learn and understand tauhid and aqidah is to read Fathul Majid pdf, a book that explains the book of monotheism (Kitabut Tawhid) by Imam Muhammad bin 'Abdil Wahhab at-Tamimiy. Fathul Majid pdf is written by Syaikh 'Abdurrahman bin Hasan bin Muhammad bin 'Abdil Wahhab, one of the students of Imam Muhammad bin 'Abdil Wahhab. Fathul Majid pdf covers various topics related to tauhid and aqidah, such as the attributes of Allah, the attributes of the prophets, the belief in the angels, the belief in the books, the belief in the last day, and so on.

In this article, we will introduce you to Fathul Majid pdf and its benefits for the readers. We will also provide you with links where you can download Fathul Majid pdf for free in both Arabic and Indonesian languages. We hope that this article will inspire you to read Fathul Majid pdf and benefit from its teachings. 25c41cae91


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