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Buy Here Pay Here Car Winston Salem [BETTER]

Are you looking for a better overall used car shopping experience in North Carolina? Benchmark Auto Sales is your answer! It is our mission to improve the in-house auto financing experience by eliminating the cyclical pitfalls of traditional buy-here, pay-here dealerships. We do this by including a warranty and gap waiver on every vehicle offered, never locking you into long-term contracts, and never allowing you to be trapped by negative equity when financing through us.Is the vehicle not meeting your needs? Feel like driving something new? With Benchmark Auto Sales you can trade in for a different vehicle or simply walk away by paying a small $100 early termination fee after just thirteen months. You always maintain control when you finance with Benchmark!Worried about your credit? Benchmark Auto Sales specializes in helping customers who need bad credit car financing options. Our no credit check, in-house finance solutions have helped tens of thousands of North Carolina drivers and they can help get you back behind the wheel today.Simply stated, we believe in providing fully-serviced, safe and reliable transportation at affordable prices and in a straightforward manner. It is our goal to build lasting relationships and earn repeat business while also promoting upward mobility and a positive used car shopping experience. We are the buy-here, pay-here alternative! Thank you for shopping with us and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

buy here pay here car winston salem

Our goal is to work with you in a friendly relaxed atmosphere to get you behind the wheel as quickly as possible. Don't let a bad credit history hold you back. Let us help! Simply fill out the secure online application to get started.

Our fast and secure application takes only a few minutes to complete, and there are absolutely no obligations. So if you are tired of the huge down payments and high interest rates that come with buying and financing a used car, stop by Vann York Bargain Cars. Even better: get your bad credit guaranteed approval now by applying online or calling us at 336.889-9300.

Searching for a car to meet your needs? Don't let bad credit keep you down! We know just where to go in and around Winston-Salem when you need bad credit auto financing. We work with dealers all around the country and the state!

My name is Tracy Myers, I'm the owner of Frank Myers Auto & I'm glad you're here. As you may have heard, my dealership has a reputation for being a little bit goofy, a little bit wild, and a whole lot of fun. However, what often gets overlooked by those who haven't shopped with us is we are also a great used car dealership. We sell quality products with integrity, our customers get reliable transportation they love, and our Team Members get to support their families and contribute to our local economy, which allows our friends and neighbors in that economy to do the same. As lifelong residents of the Triad, we strive to build long term relationships, not fly by night sales practices. But don't take our word for it. Read the testimonials from our flocks of Uncle Frank Fanatics. (Read our Reviews)

When you are having trouble making your house payments, there are options that might work well for you. One of these options is a loan modification. This is when the bank changes your loan so that you have a lower, more affordable monthly payment. Many people who try to obtain a loan modification have been facing delays of all types.

When trying to get a loan modification, there is a lot of paperwork that the lender will need to determine whether you will qualify. Once the documents are submitted to the lender, some people will then get notification from the bank that either they are missing paperwork or that additional paperwork is needed. Another thing that seems to be common lately in the process is the lender telling the homeowner that they have missed a deadline. If that happens, they may even go back to the beginning of the process and start everything over. Typically, that means the homeowner has new deadlines, and has to submit all or some the paperwork over again.

There are several factors to consider. First, you must determine if you have any equity in your home that would allow you to refinance and take the excess proceeds to pay off your debt. Unfortunately, with the downturn in the economy fewer and fewer people find they have equity in their home. However, if you are one of the lucky ones that have equity in the home, you need to decide if consolidating the debts into the mortgage loan is your best option. Is it always a bad idea to refinance your home to pay off debt, no, but you need to consider the pros and cons before you make the decision.

In contrast, a bankruptcy will usually eliminate any deficiency balance you owe the mortgage company. Therefore they cannot sue you or attempt to collect the deficiency balance you owe them. The IRS usually cannot tax you for the deficiency balance you owe the mortgage if you file the bankruptcy. If you file bankruptcy, you are considered insolvent, and the IRS must waive the tax liability on the 1099 if you are deemed insolvent.

John Ferriola, the CEO of the company based in SouthPark, had total compensation of $15.6M last year, up from $12.1M in 2017, according to securities documents filed Friday morning. His top deputies all saw increases of 35% or more, mostly in the form of stock awards. Full details here (at page 37).

The outlook: Economists tend to credit tax reform with juicing the economy last year, as businesses increased investment \u2014 although there is disagreement on exactly how much. There are some signs, though, that the boost is fading. Economic growth is anticipated to slow this year from its high of about 3 percent last year.

Could Amazon have taken root in North Carolina? Could we have had a Silicon Valley filled with tech giants around here? Lincoln Harris CEO Johnny Harris, one of Charlotte\u2019s biggest developers, says yes \u2026 if it weren\u2019t for short-sighted leadership in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Poor house: BB&T CEO Kelly King\u2019s compensation fell 32 percent to $8.6M last year, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. That should still be adequate to buy a house in Myers Park or Eastover when his bank merges with SunTrust and moves its HQ here.

Good payday: Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good\u2019s 2018 compensation fell to just under $14M in 2018, a drop from $21.4M a year earlier, the Biz Journal reports. A Duke spokesman told the publication that the truth of the matter is that most of her 2018 compensation ($9.9M) is in the form of stock awards that haven\u2019t vested and are \u201Cat risk.\u201D The unstated corollary, of course, is that the stock value could also rise, resulting in a bigger payday than the $14M. (Full exec pay tables here, page 52.)

Tyor: In Winston-Salem. I skipped that part I guess in there, because that came after we got out of the service. We went to Bowman Gray residency, and then came Oak Ridge, Tennessee. And then came Jacksonville, Florida. (laughter)

Tyor: And that was oh, that was the meeting place, too, when you could get there. But it was always either walk or ride the bus, because not many had cars. Although Robert Anderson, his grandmother I think let him have her car. It was this big old Buick, and we called him Harpo. We still do. I do. And in fact he has a band up in Alexandria now, and he still plays in it. (laughs) But anyway, he had the car. The car. 041b061a72


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