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How To Download Global Baba Telugu Movie In 720p HD Quality ##TOP##

Global Baba Telugu Movie Download 720p Hd: A Satire on Fake Godmen and Blind Faith

Global Baba is a Bollywood movie that was released in 2016 and dubbed in Telugu. The movie is a satire on the phenomenon of spiritual babas or godmen who exploit the faith and devotion of their followers for their own gains. The movie exposes the nexus between these babas and the corrupt politicians, media and police who support them.

How to Download Global Baba Telugu Movie in 720p HD Quality

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The movie stars Abhimanyu Singh as Chillam Pehlwaan, a conman who becomes a baba after escaping from the police. He sets up his own ashram and starts attracting thousands of devotees with his miracles and teachings. He also gets involved in various criminal activities under the guise of spirituality. His main rival is Damru (Pankaj Tripathi), a politician who wants to use him for his own agenda. The movie also features Ravi Kishan, Sandeepa Dhar, Akhilendra Mishra, Sanjay Mishra and Indal Singh in supporting roles.

The movie was directed by Manoj Sidheshwari Tewari and written by Vishal Vijay Kumar. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its bold and relevant theme, while others criticized it for its loud and preachy tone. The movie also faced some controversies for its portrayal of religious sentiments.

If you are looking for a movie that exposes the dark side of religion and politics in India, you can watch Global Baba online or download it in 720p HD quality. You can find the streaming and download links on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, VI movies and tv or Voot. You can also check out the trailer, songs and reviews of the movie on websites such as IMDb, Wikipedia or JustWatch.

Global Baba is based on the real-life incidents of various fake godmen who have been exposed and arrested in India. The movie tries to show how these godmen manipulate the masses with their charisma and false promises. The movie also questions the blind faith and superstition that people have in these godmen, and how they ignore their own rationality and morality.

The movie also highlights the role of media and social media in creating and spreading the hype around these godmen. The movie shows how some journalists and news channels are paid or influenced by these godmen to promote their image and agenda. The movie also shows how some people use social media to spread rumors and misinformation about these godmen, either in favor or against them.

The movie also explores the political angle of these godmen, and how they are used by some politicians as vote banks or scapegoats. The movie shows how some politicians seek the blessings and support of these godmen to win elections or gain power. The movie also shows how some politicians try to expose or eliminate these godmen when they become a threat or a liability to them.

Global Baba is not just a movie, but a mirror of the society that we live in. The movie shows how we are easily influenced and deceived by those who claim to have divine powers and authority. The movie also shows how we are willing to compromise our values and ethics for the sake of our faith and devotion. The movie also shows how we are divided and exploited by those who use religion and politics as tools of manipulation and control.

Global Baba is a movie that makes us think and question our beliefs and actions. The movie challenges us to use our own intelligence and conscience to differentiate between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and god and godman. The movie also urges us to be aware and alert of the frauds and scams that are happening around us in the name of religion and spirituality.

Global Baba is a movie that deserves to be watched and appreciated by everyone who cares about the society and the nation. The movie is a wake-up call for all of us to stop being blind followers and start being responsible citizens. The movie is a message of peace and harmony for all of us to live together in a secular and democratic country. 04f6b60f66


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